Tornado® BR Vario Cylindrical Brush Floor Machine - 16"

Tornado® BR Vario Cylindrical Brush Floor Machine - 16"

Item # TOR97605

  • A unique feature is that it can strip and scrub without the normal slinging of water seen in traditional rotary floor machines.
  • Counter rotating brushes: 2; Brush Speed: 1000 RPM
  • Power: 115V; Solution tank: 0.8 gal.
  • Operating direction: 4-way; Weight: 66 lbs.
16", ea
Vendor #97605
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Imagine a compact, lightweight floor machine with 1000 rpm of cleaning power. Even better, imagine a machine that utilizes cutting-edge technology to tackle floor surfaces from tile and cement to paver bricks, raised rubber disc, quarry tile, and other challenging applications. Add a solution tank, collapsible handle, and contact pressure six times greater than that of a single disc machine and you have the BR Vario, the latest in industry floor machine technology.


  • The on-board solution tank allows the operator to dispense cleaning solution during operation.
  • Increased contact pressure and 1000 rpm are ideal for the challenging environments of kitchens, locker rooms, and garages.
  • The handle turns 90 degrees allowing the operator two-dimensional cleaning performance in all directions: left, right, forwards, and backwards.
  • Can be fitted with a unique roller shaft that accepts individual pads. Each pad can be changed if damaged without the need to replace and entire single pad.
  • Folds down for easy transport and storage.
  • The twin brushes attack irregular surfaces with a vengeance, penetrating cracks and crevices for deep down cleaning.
  • The handle can be unlocked, pivoted up to 90 degrees, and re-locked, allowing cleaning in all directions.
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